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What's this about?

In the wild ecosystem of Balatroon, bulas and bairs are pinned against one another. Bulas are driven by greed and glory. Bairs love to sabotage their plans. While most of the time things are competitive, sometimes they get really silly and do hilarious things.

Goons are 9696 NFTs that are going to be featured in cartoons, comics & gaming.


P2E Gaming

The GOB team is building an exciting P2E game. Imagine the greed of the bulas. Imagine the sabotage of the bairs. Imagine a strategy through card play combined with rarity traits of your characters. Imagine being able to win as an underdog with a low rarity score.

The game is released in two stages: PvP battle game with cards first and then eventually the full Balatroon World!


Control and own a unique avatar NFT (ERC-721)


Upgrade to a full-body with skills and attributes


Participate in a PvP play-to-earn strategy game


Pack airdrop of 40 NFT-based cards per Goon

Making it Happen

We are a team of crypto and NFT fanatics with numerous crypto projects that have led us to this project, which we foresee being our magnum opus. The lack of utility creation in NFT projects has presented us with a unique opportunity to create something great right in the heart of the digital world. Among us, there is a crazy developer, a wacky artist, a degenerate community manager, a surprisingly-not-boring data guy and last but not least, a creative content machine who is really annoying but super helpful. We also have a rock-solid network of devs, artists and freelancers who are excited and ready to blow this thing up!



Talent Goon